Thursday, March 27, 2008

What are you Wearing Today?

I was on coolhunting today, and saw that Sidney Lo's gallery showing is garnering much attention. In the site's own words "At only 21, Lo's work shows a maturity beyond his years and proves him to be a thoughtful documentarian of both people, place and well—time. You can check out more of his portfolio on his site."

I've seen Sidney really grow as a photographer and as a person, which is sort of creepy and cool in the same time considering i've only known of him through online forums and conversations. Regardless I'm glad his hardwork is finally paying off as his year long journey of jean-wearing, globe-trotting, photo taking and hair-growing is on display for the public.

First hypebeast, and now coolhunting, Sidney shows he's the modern day marty mcfly as he's back from the future

Wish i could've made it, but I hope all the Toronto peeps who drove/flew down have a blast. (Kyle, Matt , and co I see you)

Pics of the aftermath soon (i hope)

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wester said...

i couldnt make it to this, but i am in like 20 of these pictures on the tshirt hahaah damn.