Tuesday, April 21, 2009

escape from city 17 - part one

I'm a bit late on this but these amazing amatuer film makers put together this short "spec advertainment" based on the valve game "Half-Life 2"

Watch it and be amazed at what a powerful computer, some time , creativity, and $500 can do in 2009.

Monday, April 20, 2009

5 things im feeling this week

Things that have been on my mind this week

1)Dr.Browns Black Cherry
havent seen this in Toronto for a minute. Only can of pop worth paying $2.50 for (What i paid). You can find it at New York Deli just south of bloor on bay st.

2) trench coats. The seasons are changing and in the transition between spring and summer trenches are a must have. I've been flossing with my lad musician one on occasion, but definetly find a trench that fits you properly , it'll be one of the better buys you make.

3)Expensive Watches. I don;t wear watches that often anymore but if you're going to get a watch get a nice one. I'm not that much into rolexes and I'd definetly take a Patek over a one if i got a chance. I think a girl like this could help me see the light though.

4)Varsity jackets.
Kinda cheating putting 2 versions in the list but here goes anyway. I always liked the practicality and sporty looking of varsities , particular the ones with a more slimmed down silhouette. This APC one for S/S looks great
as well as one of my long-time personal favorites

Supreme F/W 08 . sacred hearts, red or navy plz

5)Magazines. Theres something about the printed page that still appeals to me. It may be out of date compared to the speed of information on the internet, but I love reading on the go or staring a pretty page for way longer than i should.

Friday, April 17, 2009

daft punk flash game

this is a fun distraction, make sure you have sound/music enabled on your computer before you play

Thursday, April 16, 2009

street style videos

We've all seen streetsyle photographers and their work and it's even starting to get boring due to overexposure. Luckily some heavyweights of the genre including the sartorialist have started doing video

click here for the sartorialist videos

funny test answers

Kids might say funny things but its so much better when they write them down as answers on tests.

some examples of kid genius

Thursday, April 2, 2009

vegas in photos