Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Number (N)ine F/W 2009/2010 " A Closed Feeling"

While I feel Number Nine has struggled to create anything memorable or particuarly strong over the last couple of years their latest showing for F/W 2009/10 is absolutely striking. This may not be "wearable" to some, but at least the collection can be taken as a "complete idea". The way it has been presented here is simply incredible.

I stumbled accross a video of this very show and it was jaw-dropping. Dazeddigital has put up the video HERE

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sketchy Cinnabons

This all started when i was in downtown toronto and decided to cop a cinnabon.

I sat down to feast on the warm delicious sweet layers of cinnabon greatness before it got cold when i remembered I had my SLR on me. I wanted to catalog the delicious meal hence me snapping this pic

This drew the attention of the man to my right (who's name i never got). He started talking to me asking me why i was taking the photo. In any case he then proceeded to tell me some shit about his life and he seemed like a bit of a strange but harmless artist. He had hitchhiked alot, went backpacking over Europe , and drew murals all over. He showed me some of his sketches and I looked at the one he was working on currently. He seemed harmless and actually had some interesting shit to say so i passively continued my conversation with him as i ate.

here is a pic of said man

I was about done my cinnabon when some asshole security guards came up to us and ordered the man to leave. They said some bullshit about how he didnt have a GO train ticket and thus wouldn't allowed to draw or sit in that area. I got herded out as well as i had my SLR with me and they gave some bullshit reason about how I couldnt snap photos there. For a second I thought the artist dude was going to start a fight with the asshole rent-a-cops but alas the verbal argument never escalated.

Standing outside the subway entrance now he had mentioned he was broke and starving since it was freezing today in toronto (almost -30C with windchill) I decided to help him out and give him enough money for so he could at least get a hot dog. He insisted that I take the drawing of Nadeen from him, and I thanked him for it thinking that I would now be left alone.

As I was about to leave he started following me along to the subway. I paid my fare and he said he was going to the bloor line as well. Thats pretty common but it started setting off alarm bells in my head.

I was ambiguous about where i was going and he mentioned he had some friends place he was gonna try to reach. I asked him what station he was getting off at and when he said the same station i was going to i thought oh fuck how am i gonna get rid of this sketchy guy.. there were also alot of warning signs when he tried to use techniques on me to gain compliance, lucky im street wise so i know when someone is tryin to hustle
some of his techniques are probably often used in high pressure sales and the like

techniques like creating future plot lines , using us or we (remember when those rent-a-cops gave us trouble, when he was the one who was getting shit), handing me the drawing so i felt like i owed him, having me carry his bag briefly when we transferred lines.. etc etc...

Anyway he kept talking to me throughout the ride, and I had to fake that I had to get off at an earlier stop than i really had to. Luckily he started to talk to another white dude on the train (bonding over bon jovi) so he was relatively occupied when i got off the train ..

I transferred trains so i could be on a different one than him and i beelined home thankfully i didnt see him again.

Fortunetly you don't have to live through an awkward adventure yourself to own this truly unique and beautiful piece of art. It can be yours for a good price. Please give it a good home
I am now accepting cash offers. Please contact for further inquiries.

cliffs :
eating cinnabon
meet weird artsy vagabond white guy
get kicked out by rent-a-cops
he follows me and starts to creep me out with extreme sales tactics
metal gear solid stealth

moral of the story be careful while eating cinnabons

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Camera Purchase

I finally gave in and bought myself a dslr : the canon digital revel XS more info .

I'm going to be taking more pictures in the near future but heres just a few sample pictures with the kit lens.