Friday, February 29, 2008

fuck this weather

counting the days till spring

stussy in toronto

stussy store looks almost ready to open
more info as the date approaches

NDG in at nomad

nomad just put out the NDG SS 08 collection

including these items
Shawl Collar Sweatshirt
Flight Rain Jacket
Driver Jacket
Helmet Bag (made in the same factory as Porter)
Rancher Denim and various
Suit Vest
Summer Suit
Various Tees

i know its been pretty hotly anticipated so stop in quick before the good items/sizes are gone

Blue Jean Confidental

CBC produced an interesting doc about the history of denim and how it's changed in both its construction and public perception of the years. The doc touches on vintage denim hunters, Japanese collectors , washing/fading techniques and much more. Kiya over at selfedge helped put this together, so you know they had to get some things right.

If you missed the first airing you can still catch it online here.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stop Whining

I don't know how many of you are following the race for the democratic candidacy. But if you haven't seen this clip , take a peek.

Hillary is a candidate that prides herself on her years of political experience. Yet instead of arguing the issues , she stoops to this level of petty name-calling and blatant misrepresentation of Obama's messages. Hey Hillary your desperation's showing.

It always amazed me easily politicians were able to boil down complex issues to one sound byte or slogan. Then today I realized i can do it too.

Maybe i should go into politics.


I wont spoil the surprise, but this is an excellent advertisement.

sign of the times?

supreme S/S 08 soon

edit : it's real
terry richardson is involved
and hype is sure to follow

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

class is in session

this backpack has been making the rounds

but now its cosigned by 'ye

ye's blog

dont forget to cop tickets for his tour when it hits Toronto. tix going fast, and im not even sure if im going yet, but if u wanna see him NERD and lupe better act. (not so big on rihanna)

What's in a logo?

Saw this feature on the evolution of well-known brand logos. Some have undergone pretty extreme changes.



thanks for INQMND for the heads up

Fast fashion, fair prices

While H&M seems to be focusing on more mainstream designers (Cavalli, V+R) to do their designer collabos, uniqlo choses to go with promising up and coming designers.

The latest DIP (designer invitation project ) being with Loden Dager. While not particularly exciting, it's well executed spring collection. As always expect low pricepoints and quality detailing for the price. I wouldnt mind that blazer myself.

This should release in March but good luck getting it the only N.American store is in Soho.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

American Boy Video

Video for American Boy Estelle feat. Kanye

I was feelin this track but now the vid finally dropped.

The beat is simple but something about the chorus is really catchy. 'Ye does pretty well lyrically on this as well. "Dress smart like a london bloke, before he speak, his suit bespoke. And you thought he was cute before, look at this peacoat tell me he's broke"

Drool Worthy

I find most messenger bags bland but this one was probably the nicest one i've seen in a minute.

collaboration between bagjack and the good folks at beinghunted.

the smaller size i wanted is already gone, but they got the larger XL version still for sale

get spending

one is the loneliest number

can you imagine if your ENTIRE wardrobe consisted of only only one color?

An interesting New York magazine article touches on this very subject.

embrace change. embrace the future

everything in it's place

new world order


everything has a beginning.