Saturday, March 29, 2008

Do NOT eat here ( A cautionary burrito tale)

Okay, so im hungry for lunch and have some extra time on my break. I figure a burrito is always satisfying, filling, and good value. Well apparently not at Z-teca.

Z-teca claims to serve "gourmet burritos" and ive been meaning to check them out for awhile as they are a 5min walk from my office @ bay/king.

The service is fast and prompt. But once i get in line I realize there are a limited choice of toppings. Here is the ordering process in pics.


worker bees

the order

I order the grilled chicken fajita burrito (comes with sauteed veggies), and it's topped with some salsa, sour cream and rice. Unfortunetly upon the first bite, it was nothing but disappointment.

The burrito was warm, but seriously lacking meat content, in other words the meat to carb ratio was atrocious. Not only that , the rice was totally bland and unflavored and they seemed to have jipped me on the veggies. The burrito's texture reminded me of sushi more than anything else (and not in a good way). All around the experience felt cheap and uninspired. There was no hotsauce provided at the place, so I had to resort to leftover packets of Taco Bell hotsauce to get me through the lackluster experience.

Overall the meal was not worth the almost 8 bucks I paid. I didn't expect the world from Z-teca, but seriously this place sucks. I can't imagine the other items on the menu tasting that much better. I already have an issue with the genrification of "cheap" and utilitarian foods turned gourmet, but thats a topic for another day..
I'll judy leave it at this : I definetly would not consider repeating the experience...

Still haven't found a place in Toronto that can beat Burrito Boys.

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wester said...

it's spelled "gypped," like "gypsy"

A.Gold said...

thanks for the plug..
-A.Gold (tastebuds)