Sunday, March 22, 2009

Whats wrong with fashion : a google imaged pictorial

As much as i love clothes and the idea of creative/artistic expression through clothing design, i despise the word fashion. To me it's become a dirty cliched word. It conjures up the wrong images of mindless consumerism and terrible taste . I tell people i hate fashion, i love clothes. Eventually there will be a positive counter-balance to this post (ying-yang concept), but until then im gonna call some shit out.

fuck the following things
celeb trend-chasing
seasonal hot lists
most north american fashion magazines
useless collaborations
brand whoring
best-dressed lists
cheap perfumes
eurotrash luxury
inner-circle elitism

oh last but not least (as my friend harry mentions on his blog) the blog

without further ado

what i hate about fashion : a pictorial

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