Monday, July 7, 2008

NYC food round-up

Well this is a bit late, but better late than never. In my recent trip to NY we had planned to at least hit up some of the restaurants we had heard so much about.

The first meal there was a random hotel breakfast spot in midtown. The omelet i had was nothing special but damn does that croissant look good. Also never knew fresh apple juice could be worth $3, but damn was it ever.

Enjoy the pictures and my lazy food reviews (complete with spotty memory).

Next up was Joe's Pizza just off of bleeker st at 7 Carmine St.

My friend researched this spot which is known by many as the best pizza in the city. I was too starved to even bother taking a picture of this, but this was definitely well worth the trip. The pizza there was light, served hot with amazing flavorful and cheese. I recommend just the cheese or straight pepperoni so you can just enjoy the texture of the thin crust mixed in with the hot melty cheese with just the right amount of Mariana sauce. Unfortunately this was the only slice of pizza i tried in NY , but I'll be sure to compare next time i'm in town.

We made a stop by the MET on our first day there, and the cafe there while servicable is overpriced and really nothing special. Only took a pic because i was in tourist mode.

One of my favorite meals in NY without a doubt was at the iconic Katz's deli (205 East Houston). Everyone in NY knows this spot and for good reason. While a bit pricey at $15, the pastrami sandwich was hot , juicy, tender and pretty much perfection in a deli sandwich. The vibe of the place is old school NY down to the old servers and diligent deli cutters.

The place is worth visiting for atmosphere alone, but if you want to really have a filling delicious lunch make sure you finish off your Pastrami sandwhich

with one of these

in a word : LEGIT

(not my pic)

We also hit up a southern style BBQ spot called Daisy May's. 623 11th Ave. (corner of 46th St.)

To be honest the food there was abit disappointing. The ribs seemed to be sitting for awhile and weren't as juicy or as tender as one would expect. Word to the wise, the dry rub aren't as good as the saucy ribs. I've had better ribs without a doubt, but at least the sides there somewhat. The mashed sweet potatoes, creamed spinach, mac & cheese, beans were all quite good and made the meal filling despite the relatively high price.

With all the talk about finding the best burger , we trekked to Burger Joint (2175 Broadway). The spot is hidden inside Le Parker Merdien hotel. The spot stays true to it's name and basically is designed to look like a hole in the wall with minimal seating.

(not my pic)

The menu there was simple, cheeseburger or hamburger, fries or no side. The burger was pretty yummy in that in-and-out old school hamburger way, although i didn't find it particuarly memorable or special. Not to mention that for a 6oz cheeseburger the price was quite high $6 (if i remember right). The shoestring fries were quite good , but reminded me alot of McDonald's.

That's basically it for now, but never forget to pass the


ray said...

montreal will be 100x better

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dem joe's pizza jawns b crack hot fyre

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that food looks good.