Monday, June 2, 2008

Are you a corny white girl?

thanks to salaryman for the list.

The answers yes if more than one of these entries defines you!

1) Approximately 19 of your friends' names are variation of Katherine--Kate, Katie, Kathy , etc.
2) You ever wore ugg boots with that multi-colored coach purse. For weeks at a time.
3) You thought it was ok to wear pants that said "juicy" on your ass when you were 12.
4) You sometimes make out with your friend Jen at parties for attention/free booze.
5) You probably liked Jonathan Taylor Thomas and New Kids on the Block about 10 years ago. Then 90210 after that, and probably sex and the city now.
6) I can see you and your friends belting out the words to that Backstreet Boys song with the windows rolled up when I pull up next to your X5 at the stop light.
7) You think you're hot when you turn orange after tanning.
8) You wear a hoodie with the name of your college and food stains on it to class.
9) You've done the walk of shame so much you're not even ashamed anymore.

sidenote : All y'all corny white girls can still write me if you look like this

1 comment:

icy said...

juicy and coach are probably the worst "designer" brands ever