Sunday, April 20, 2008

robert geller

Tried on a couple items today.. should i cop you decide.

please leave comments

jacket $680

blazer $800 something :(


grey blazer that feels 2 sizes too big for me. Not going to get this but it look good on the rack, just thought i'd share.


Julien said...

Honestly, I think you should keep your money for something that would look better on you. But if I had to choose something for you here, i'd get the jacket.

Alex said...

Both shits are too long in the arms for you. The blazer doesn't fit properly while the jacket is a decent. Save your cash for something that fits nicer

Rocky said...

thanks for the comments guys

pretty much decided ill save my cash for something better

may see the situation come saletime however

blue_flu said...

well the black blazer fit looks good, most blazer you'll buy off the rack, you'll always have to pay around 20 bucks to get them altered anyways. The gray blazer looks good on those pants. From the look of the shoulders of the gray blazer, the fit looks good but maybe you should button it to so that we can figure out in the picture if it fits you but yes if its too big forget about it. Finally you can always buy nice fitting blazers for 200 bucks or 100 bucks for sale. Banana republic usually puts their blazers on sale for around $129 and they're good quality, well made modern fit, most new Zara blazers are around 150-200 bucks. Club Monaco puts their blazers on sale and all other stores like Mexx,La Chateus...or even H&M, they all have good nice fit blazers these days.