Saturday, March 1, 2008

Best show on TV. Bar none.

While i almost lost my faith (pun intended) in this show last season. This shortened season thus far has restored my belief that LOST is truly the best show on television right now. The writing, the acting, the depth of the story and characters is truly incredible. This is a drama series for our generation.

The best thing about this show is that it truly creates it's own word and whenever you watch you can't help but feel trapped inside it. Also amazing is the way the online community has rallied around the show and given even more depth to it.
If you haven't already these links are definetly worth a look.

Only 3 more episodes left this season, but already i can't wait for all our questions to be answered.

LOSTPEDIA my favorite message board

and finally a concise and very plausible explanation of many of the events on the island. This theory is consistent throughout and really clears up a lot of loose ends. As i warned earlier don't read the theory if you haven't seen all the episodes as it may give away some large plot developments...

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raymondchiu said...

why is u leaving out the wire and the shield

dey be top notch